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Dan Hemmert

Dan Hemmert is a devoted public servant and seasoned business leader who has made significant contributions to Utah’s economic landscape.

As the Executive Director of the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity, Dan played a pivotal role in realizing the vision for economic growth and prosperity for all Utahns.

With a robust background in both the public and private sectors, Dan’s multifaceted career includes founding and operating several businesses, including a chain of dry cleaning stores and full-service restaurants, which remain under his ownership.

His leadership experience is further highlighted by his tenure as Managing Director of a private equity fund, Chief Financial and Chief Investment Officer of a family office and asset management firm, and CFO of a successful venture-backed technology company.

Dan’s expertise also extends internationally, with a year spent as an associate at a prominent law firm in Washington D.C., a year in Switzerland working in private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds, and an additional two years in the banking industry.

Educationally, Dan is well-grounded with an undergraduate degree in Economics, a Master’s in Business Administration, and a Law degree, all from Brigham Young University. His academic accomplishments complement his practical experiences, providing a strong foundation for his work in economic development and legislation.

Dan is a proud resident of Orem, where he and his wife Natalie are raising their six wonderful children. His commitment to his family is matched by his dedication to the state of Utah. Known for his passion and advocacy, Dan is highly regarded for bringing a unique perspective and a diverse skill set to champion the interests of Utah and its residents.