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Utah County and Wasatch County are special.

We remain the heart of conservative values and ideals in Utah. As your Senator I will be your voice to protect our unique quality of life from rising costs, federal overreach and liberal ideologies.

My Priorities

Forward Thinking

Attainable home ownership for our children and grandchildren to live close to home.

Responsible Growth

Strategic transportation planning and investment for long-term infrastructure needs.


Local control of education standards, curriculum and funding with meaningful roles for parental involvement.

Lowering Taxes

Greater respect for Utah taxpayers by decreasing tax rates, cutting unnecessary spending and improving government efficiency.

Dan Hemmert - the Conservative Choice

Dan Hemmert is a lifelong Utah County resident, graduating from Orem High and Brigham Young University (BA in economics and a JD/MBA). He is a serial entrepreneur and a founder and early executive in multiple successful Utah County businesses: OrangeSoda, Pizzeria 712, Communal and Chom Burger. He still owns and operates Red Hanger Cleaners (with 2 locations in Utah County). 

He and his wife, Natalie, are the proud parents of six kids and reside in Orem. In the Utah Senate, Dan Hemmert will continue his record of cutting taxes, and keeping government in its proper role – out of our personal and professional lives.